Let’s See How Far We’ve Come Part 4

I’m almost at the end of this post series, and I realise how much I have focused on the Cold Logic Store. This has been deliberate on my part, mainly because one of the co-creators of Cold Logic, Damien Fate, has been so instrumental thus far in introducing mesh to the Secondlife grid. Many mesh creations you see now are based upon Damien’s templates, and I know he has more in store for us!. Meanwhile, please enjoy these photographs:

Cold Logic Summers

This sleek jumpsuit has an elegance to it, exceptionally enhanced by the textures. The charming choker is from a gift from World’s End Garden

Cold Logic Summers

The jumpsuit comes with various belt options

Cold Logic Summers

And a close up of the choker

Cold Logic Summers

The Reed dress is so easy to wear and so easy to dream of summer!


All clothing from Cold Logic

Choker from gift pack at World’s End Garden

Dark hair from Dura

Blonde hair is from Elikatira

Skin from Pink Fuel


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