Granny Gecko

Jeet Kling has made a delightfully quirky mesh avatar, the gecko. It is cheerfully bright, and can be accessorised as you choose. I chose to make mine into Granny Gecko 🙂

Granny Gecko

Granny is a little short sighted and can’t understand why. Perhaps she should fix her specs!

Granny Gecko

Granny loves to dress in her pearls and matching skirt. Her hair is specially coiffed at the salon once a week, the perfect shade of lavender.

For the moment, the gecko is only available on Marketplace. Once you have purchased your gecko, please dress it up to represent a humanised gecko. You might like to enter your photos into the flickr group, Geckomania. You may also like to join the inworld community group, Society of The G.E.C.K.O , a Group to unite geckos for gatherings, events, parties and general mischief!


Mesh Gecko avatar from Jeet Kling on Marketplace

Hair by Love Soul

Ballerina skirt from Nylon Outfitters and tinted by me

Kawaii necklace from Deco

Specs from Artilleri!


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