It’s Easy Being Green

I find myself selecting mesh more often than not these days. Here’s a green view:

It's Easy Being Green

A favourite mesh jersey comes from Maitreya. With its gentle folds and realistic texturing, it’s now a firm favourite

It's Easy Being Green

I’ve added a cute new skirt from Cold Logic, keeping with the green theme. Note the back drapery of the jersey – perfect!

It's Easy Being Green

I picked up this great skin, made by Idiosyncracy for Black and Blue Event. Very reasonably priced, its the perfect skin if you just don’t want to be weighed down with excessive makeup. It also now a firm favourite for casual dressing


coldLogic skirt – buckley

Maitreya Gold Moxie shoes

Maitreya Athena Sweater

::Exile:: Josie:Marone

Idiosyncrasy Back To Black Imogen – Pale

Poses from Friday


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