Willow at Epoch

Further exploration at Epoch led to my discovery of this striking monochrome dress from Willow

Willow at Epoch

The gorgeous hat from Duboo completes a whimsical look

Willow at Epoch

I’ve added the new mesh boots from GOS for contrast

Willow at Epoch

This is an older hair from Rei Gully, but it suits

Willow at Epoch

The hat is adorable!

Willow at Epoch

And my skin and freckles from Ugly Duck is picture perfect!


Dress: Picard dress by Willow for Epoch – Escher Art

Hat: Clown’s Teardrop cup hat by Duboo for Epoch – Clowning

Boots: Triumph boots by GOS

Tights: Abstract tights by Izzie’s

Hair: Cherie by Zero Style

Skin: Babette in Autumn and freckle body layer by Ugly Duck

Poses: Label Motion


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