New Mesh Goodies

The various Mesh Fairs around the grid at the moment are not the only places to find new mesh. Just take a trip along to some of the innovative designers stores, and you will find a gold mine

New Mesh Goodies

Beetlebones has released new mesh shorts and new sandals

New Mesh Goodies

The Secret Store has a new orange Empire blouse at Fashionably Late. Teamed with gingham shorts from Jane

New Mesh Goodies

Detailed view of the Empire blouse – easy fit and comfy

New Mesh Goodies

The store version of Empire Blouse, teamed with new shorts from Beetlebones – available in a wide variety of colours

New Mesh Goodies

New Gomu sandals from Beetlebones, also available in a wide range of colours

New Mesh Goodies

And finally, new mesh hair from Exile!


Mesh Orange Empire Blouse from Secret Store at Fashionably Late

Mesh Cola Empire Blouse from The Secret Store

Mesh Shorts and sandals from Beetlebones

Mesh Gingham shorts from Jane

Mesh Dark brown hair from Exile

Mesh Straight black hair from Elikatira

Blue shoes from FIR & MNA


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