A New Approach to Mesh Avatars

While shopping in Place Alexandra I came across a store with a new approach to mesh avatars. The store’s name is ‘Clean’, possibly because the creator has produced a clean and efficient way to utilise mesh in the avatar construction.

A New Approach to Mesh Avatars

This is the demo of ‘Lindsay’. It is a comprehensive demo pack, giving you samples of all makeups, shape, skins and eyes.

The unique approach to this, is the head which is mesh. The head fits on to the customised shape and then uses a custom skin for seamlessness. I would imagine that you can use your own shape, with the head adjusted to accommodate a mesh head. I am wearing standard mesh clothing in this photo.

A New Approach to Mesh Avatars

I did a little experimentation, to see if I could add standard clothing and accessories. You see here hair from Exile, which fitted reasonably easily with just a slight raising of the hair to fit the mesh head.

A New Approach to Mesh Avatars

The skin is nicely finished on the torso. It comes in a range of skin tones, all matched to seamlessly join with the mesh head.

This seems to be an expensive pack, however includes a multitude of pre-made up heads, shape, skin, eyes, therefore is actually value for money. Definitely worth taking a look if you are keen to expand your mesh inventory.


Lindsay Head, skin, shape from Clean

Hair from Exile

Undies from Whippet and Buck at Collabor88


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