Always Safe For Work (SFW)

My posts are always well within what would be considered Safe For Work. I have no interest in whore events, sex events or seeing pixeleted people using pixelated sex devices. That’s just me 🙂 However I do understand that other people do have these interests, and respect that they are entitled to them.

This is the key issue – Respect. I do not see the point in getting friends together to undertake a bullying exercise. It is disrespectful. Simple as that. Anyway, on with some pretty Spring clothes!

Always SFW

Pretty light blouses from Sn@tch pair really well with the new mesh shorts from Beetlebones

Always SFW

One of my all time favourite Sn@tch dresses. Always beautiful hand drawing!

Always SFW

New skirt from U.F.U for Zombie Brand store, with tank from Whippet and Buck

Always SFW

And a really summery combination


Blouses and red dress from Sn@tch

Shorts from Beetlebones

Tanks from Whippet and Buck

*new* skirts from U.F.O. for Zombie Brand

*new* hair from Shag

Poses from Label Motion

***A special thank you to Chestnut Rau because she is a good person***


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