Pico Pico Life by Mikati Slade

Mikati Slade is a Digital Artist from Japan, specialising in Pop Art immersive builds in Secondlife

Mikati Slade

Besides being one of the friendliest people you will come across, she has a really beautifully styled avatar too!

Pico Pico Life by Mikati Slade

Her latest creation, Pico Pico Life, has opened at LEA – the Linden Endowment for the Arts sims.

Pico Pico Life by Mikati Slade

On arrival, you can collect this brilliantly coloured gift

Pico Pico Life by Mikati Slade

And then you venture into this 3D Pop Art virtual game! You have by your side, your score keeper pet, Mimi. Mimi counts the number of hearts you collect, but beware the dangers or you will lose all your points!

Pico Pico Life by Mikati Slade

From Mikati:

PICO PICO LIFE ( The ground building)
Pico Pico Life (“small life”) is Mikati Slade’s largest ground-based work until now. Many of the problems facing modern societies come from contradictions between the rationalization of modernity and the mostly irrational nature of humanity. A world built on rationality conflicts with us who still believe in our premodern “big stories”–tales of morality, passion, or heroism. The simple game elements and optimism of this artwork is meant to showcase this conflict and encourage a rethink of how we’d like to structure our societies.

– KURU KURU WORLD (The skybox buildings)
The 6 skyboxes is largest work of Mikati Slade’s all artworks until now. It worked at LEA19-SIM and the first exhibited at MiC – Italy Official Museums of Rome Capital. It got around 20,000 visitors for one month.
“Kuru kuru” [Japanese expression used to describe rotation]. Kuru Kuru World is about the cyclical nature of human history and civilization. Different parts of this art exhibit describe the development, destruction, and rebirth of human life and societal systems. The exhibit is built using 8-bit console game pixel graphics, primitive symbols of today’s technology

Pico Pico Life by Mikati Slade

This exhibition will only be at LEA 19 for a short time, alas. Come along and enjoy the game, meet Mikati, get your gift hat, and see if you can outrank the current top scorers on the scoreboard

Pico Pico Life by Mikati Slade


Build is by Mikati Slade, located here


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