Rosey Outlook at Collabor88

It’s that time of the month again, the 8th day has come (and gone) so there is a whole new theme at Collabor88

Rosey Outlook at Collabor88

This outfit, Rosey Outlook comes in three colour combos, and is from Nylon Outfitters (can’t you guess :)). Be warned though, this design uses a system skirt to create both the upper skirt and the jacket peplum. If you do not like system skirts, its probably not for you

Rosey Outlook at Collabor88

I personally quite love the system skirt. This outfit is definitely not designed for a scrawny bum, so the skirt gives you the bulk you need without changing your shape sliders. It’s also got lots of movement, as shown above

Rosey Outlook at Collabor88

My simple pearl necklace from Yummy is a subtle accessory to this ensemble. My hair is new from d!va, shoes from Ingenue at last month’s Collabor88!


Rosey Outlook dress from Nylon Outfitters for Collabor88

Hair from D!va

Shoes from Ingenue

Necklace from Yummy

Poses from Del May


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