Final Clowning at Epoch

Epoch closes today

Final Clowning at Epoch

My final Epoch outfit – dress from Beetlebones, hat hair and makeup from Love Soul. All poses are from Del May

Final Clowning at Epoch

I truly believe that this event has dispproved all the misery mob people that are convinced that Secondlife is dying

Final Clowning at Epoch

The Epoch – Legend brought to us a new approach both in theme and presentation. There is much to be learned from this. Hopefully, more events in the future will follow this lead to avoid a lagfest!

Final Clowning at Epoch

Meanwhile, there is a special Epoch Closing party this evening. From Anya Ohmai, Epoch designer:

Hey folks! March 11th will be the last day for EPOCH Legend. We the organizers thank all of you for your humongous support towards the event! If you haven’t head on down to grab the items or look at the event, feel free to come down before it ends.

After today everything sold during the event will no longer be available nor will the venues. Tonight we will be holding a closing party just to wave goodbye and take a final glance at the hard work and dedication of the team. Creators for EPOCH feel free to come on down and say great work to your fellow friends who participated with you. Everyone else, feel free to come on down and just have a relaxed good time!

We’ll be featuring DJing done by Newreem Waffle and Engrama will also be playing for us right after!
Please refer to the schedule below 😀


Epoch-Legend Closing party @ Beetlebones

10th Mar Sat 22:30~(PST)

*DJ——-Newreem Waffle

10th Sat 22:30~ Newreem Waffle
11th Sun 00:00~ Engrama


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