Original is Always Best

Miko Omegamu and her store Icing have been on the Grid a long time. Not only does she make beautiful vintage style clothing, she creates her textures and assembles clothing from scratch.

Icing Just Swing

Just Swing Dress

I think I am safe in also saying that Miko has been one of the kindest, most generous people in world, especially to new people with her range of gift items to start your vintage collection. Her customer service is second to none.

Icing Minuet

Minuet Dress

Because of this, I am sad to hear that some of Miko’s textures and dresses have been copied and sold by another ‘creator’. It can be difficult I know, to be able to determine the original from a copy, especially if you have not been in secondlife for long. If you’re not sure, ask one of the fashion groups, or join plurk – you can get plenty of advice there on originals and ripped products.


All Clothing shown is from Icing

Skin: PXL Kate

Hair: Exile


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