Saturday Shopping

Saturdays are wonderful relaxing days, and I did a spot of shopping over breakfast.

My first port of call was Leverocci:

Saturday Shopping

I found this beautifully made pencil skirt. I’ve added the soft blouse from The Secret Store

Saturday Shopping

A further wander through the store found this jazzy dress. I love the vibrancy of it, and the ‘moveability’

Saturday Shopping

Then on to Michami to discover this new release brocaded dress

Saturday Shopping

These two also caught my eye at Michami

Saturday Shopping

My last stop was the Pre-New Year Sale by EUPHORIA. This is only for a few days, so if you want some gorgeous bargains, you need to hop along there FAST. These delicate, intricate earrings are from WTG




Pre-New Year Sale by EUPHORIA

<a href="“>Hair by !Diva

Painstone red necklace by S H I

Dotty blouse from the Secret Store


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