Let’s Talk Templates

The Cupcakes sim has revamped, relaunched and re-opened. It is now the home of Tuli, Violent Seduction, Sanu, Epic and A.D.D Andel, and each store has something special out for the opening.

The Cupcakes store is renowned for producing full perm skin templates so beloved by many of SL skin designers. What is not so well known is that you can also find regular skins, and a small clothing line.

Which brings me to the point of the blog post title…

Let's Talk Templates

I purchased this dress yesterday. I believe it is made from a template, and some people will gasp in horror at the prospect of wearing a template-made item. There is a complex skill involved in producing mesh items, and it is a journey in itself to learn this – also an expense to purchase software (or use Blender).

Let's Talk Templates

There is also quite a skill to make textures. Not everyone does this well, and most certainly, many mesh makers are really lousy texturers.

Let's Talk Templates

Making a texture, and applying it to mesh realistically is another skill.

Let's Talk Templates

Many, many creators utilise templates for skin, clothing, jewellery, shoes, hair and the list goes on. Few acknowledge this, which is fine. Some boast that they do not use templates, when it is clear that they do.

Let's Talk Templates

As in most free economies, success is mostly consumer driven – if the consumer does not like, the consumer will not buy. If the consumer does not buy, the seller makes no money – and in the case of SL – leaves. Whether these are template, or original work, is fairly immaterial in my opinion.

So my point is – the development of mesh in world has allowed a variety of new skills to flourish. These skills work in unison to produce new and eye catching designs. However, generally the skills are not all located in one person.

Anyway – Cupcakes Sim, specifically the Cupcakes store, is where you will find all these dresses. Some are as low as 70L for the opening sale. You should pop along this weekend to see for yourself.


Skin – Soko from Ugly Duck New – all hand drawn

Hair from Diva

All dresses shown from Cupcakes sim


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