One Billion Rising

The RL One Billion Rising event was run concurrent with an SL event, organised by Saffia Widdershins

One Billion Rising

This event in SL has caused controversy, for all the wrong reasons. The purpose of this event is not really that difficult to grasp.

I first read about One Billion Rising on a Saudi women’s’ blog. The contributors to that blog were excited about it, as they felt that this was a way their joyous pride in being women could be expressed. This is to a large degree because their voices are rarely heard in the westernised world, and not heard at all in their own country.

Violence against women is not confined to rape – it is also common to find it in the more simpler forms, for example oppression, legal disenfranchisement, gender selection at birth, lack of educational opportunities – and the list goes on. To me, these are all forms of violence.

For people to gather together, to celebrate women in a non commercial way and exult in that. This is what One Billion Rising means to me.


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