Materials Has Arrived

For anyone who follows the Secondlife news, you will be aware that materials began yesterday.

For those of you who don’t, this is what was announced:-

“Linden Lab is excited to announce the launch of the Materials Beta Viewer! This Viewer will allow content creators to build objects using normal and specular maps and will allow users to view the effects of this new feature set. The end result is photorealistic textured objects inworld.”

You can get the beta download here

The thing about materials is that you will need to be utilising specially made textures to take advantage of it. There are few around at the moment however, as with mesh, there will be more and more as people teach themselves all about it. This will make for some amazing clothing, landscaping and building textures.

I did manage to find a dress, made by Tillie Ariantho, to show you the effect

Materials Has Arrived

Normal viewing without materials, using windlight

Materials Has Arrived

The same dress viewed with the new release Beta showing the effect of materials, no windlight

Materials Has Arrived

The same dress again using materials beta viewer and windlight

I can nly suggest you download the beta viewer yourself, and watch and wait for exciting new textures to be created to take us all into this exciting development from Lindenlab!


Skin – Ugly Duck

Hair – Clawtooth from The Arcade

Dress – Scale dress from Tillie


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