My Hair Fair Adventures

Along with the vast majority of Secondlife residents, I ventured off to the Hair Fair last weekend. It was really nice to see organisers running around, making sure finishing touches were done, assuring people that jittery sims would be fixed, and encouraging visitors to look at the range of stores available. Here are a few things that caught my eye…

Ohmai @ Hair Fair 2013

Beautiful hair from Anya Ohmai, with exquisite mesh adornments that you can tweak via HUD

Ohmai @ Hair Fair 2013

My dress is from UFO at Collabor88 this month

Ohmai @ Hair Fair 2013

Another Ohmai offering at Hair Far, also with mesh hair adornments adaptable via HUD

Laviere @ Hair Fair 2013

For me, one of the prettiest styles, from Laviere

Diva @ Hair Fair 2013

What would a Hair Fair be without Diva? Just gorgeous

Diva @ Hair Fair 2013

My outfit is from Teefy, also from Collabor88 this month


Hair from creators as stated, at Hair Fair 2013

Outfits from Collabor88


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