The Unexpected Guests

There I was, one sunny Sunday afternoon, spending a relaxing weekend in my shack away from home. To my great surprise, I was buzzed by a mini alien ship!

The Unexpected Guests

A baby alien! Or maybe a mini…but where there’s junior, there must be Mother….

The Unexpected Guests

And there she is, minus Mothership, quietly sitting in *my* chair

The Unexpected Guests

I quickly changed into something a little more elegant, as you do when Unexpected Guests arrive

The Unexpected Guests

….and cast my eyes across the horizon for more visitors to while away my afternoon


Hair by Truth

Skin by Ugly Duck

Long necklace by Maxi Gossamer

Bustier Dress in Pink and Norah jewellery set from Mon Cherie; but I got it at The Black Fair which I think is over now

Black gown is the Lavinia dress by Gizza which I got at the Limited Bazaar . There may still be some available

My lovable aliens are from The Garden

My sunglasses are from the Gizza Gacha at The 24 Womenswear


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