Coming Around Again

Mesh has been around the Grid for nearly two years now, and many creators have tried their hand at it. It has been fun to watch different people learn and develop their skills during that time.

Coming Around Again

Still one of my favourite stores is Mon Tissu. Always beautifully constructed and textured

Coming Around Again

The clothing at Mon Tissu has no pretensions about it – the garments are things that most of us wear in our day to day lives

Coming Around Again

There is a definite realism to the vibrant colours and textures

Coming Around Again

It’s enough to draw us back again and again!


All clothing shown is from Mon Tissu

Disco Lovers necklace from Maxi Gossamer on marketplace – materials ready!

Hair by Lelutka

Skin by Ugly Duck

Poses by Olive Juice


3 thoughts on “Coming Around Again

    • The collar is separate to the top. It is called the Prudence Collar and is also from Mon Tissu. It’s a really pretty accessory 🙂

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