Suetabulous at DU 5

Amongst the quirky, the surreal and the almost-over-the-edge edgy, you will find a dreamy display from Sue at Anya. These are some of Sue’s things:

Suetabulous at DU 5

The Pesca body suit is from Beetlebones, and comes in 4 colours. You can also get matching boots

Suetabulous at DU 5

Matching textures to wear with your suit!

Suetabulous at DU 5

And here I am being all zen like with my AO from SLC I picked up from DU 5. My excellent bubble pipe is also from Beetlebones; the bunny on my head is from Anya, my bunny hair is from Pesca, my collar is from Olive, my glasses from Toro,my feather head dress from Glow Studios. All of these are available from Designers United 5

Suetabulous at DU 5

I wonder if I will ever catch that star? (you can also get the koi backpack from Sue at DU 5)

Happy shopping!


As noted – all available at Designers United 5


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