Boom is possibly the best place across the grid for pants, shorts and tshirts. New releases are not that frequent, but when they arrive it has always been worth the wait


Both the tank and shorts are new releases. I’ve added my Ispachi headset because it coordinates so well!


There is as usual a very good range of colours and patterns so you can mix and match. My hair is a half price sale item from eep.

Happy Shopping!


Clothing from Boom

Hair – 50% off sale at eep

My skin from Ugly Duck


5 thoughts on “Boom

  1. You look just fabulous in Fade’s skins — they totally suit your face and make your whole avatar glow a little. She’d love it if she saw it! I really dig the way you photograph, too.

    • I love Fade’s work – she must be *the* most under rated skin maker in SL. So much of her work is being mimicked now when she did it years ago. I just wish she could be appreciated more

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