The Two of Us

Today’s first post is dedicated to Fade Lei, in our opinion one of the best artistic skin makers in world. This is brought to you by Achariya and Evangelical

The Two of Us

Fade’s work is quite diverse, as you can see in this photo. Although specialising in female skins, she has ventured into the realm of the male skin. Her work is unique, in that it is *completely* hand drawn. You will find no templates here, no quickie layers slapped onto a base, no extravagant makeup layers to disguise the fact there is no shadowing, no huge pores on the face due to poor photoshopping of someone else’s images. Instead, you will find the delicate texture and shading that is the result often of endless hours of painstaking hand drawn work. I am shown on the left wearing the Nana 1 skin, and Achariya is on the right wearing the Uriel skin.

The Two of Us

My shape is also made by Fade Lei; it is the (slightly modified) Joey shape. I am of the belief that a shape needs to be made to highlight the drawn contours of the skin to take full advantage of the artists’ work.

The Two of Us

If you like beautifully hand drawn skins that give your avatar a unique and realistic look, go take a look at Fade’s store, Ugly Duck. Her shapes can also be found there, along with a few other items she has created over time.

Happy Shopping!


On Achariya:

Skin: Uriel Freckles – Moles by Ugly Duck

Pants: DROP Casual Pants (Ivory)

Shirt: etham – The Fall Cardigan w/ scarf – grey

Hair: Exile Far Behind Light – blondes

Feet and hands: Slink Male Feet / casual hands

Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Catscratch Eyes in Bashful Gidge

Ears: Illusions Sprite Ears

On Evangelical:

Nana 1 platinum makeup – by Ugly Duck

Joey shape – Ugly Duck (slightly modified) by Ugly Duck

Pink Outfitters Tori bodycon dress – white and belt in gold

Contraption Keele’s spectacle

Gos Isabella Sandal in gold

Dura-girl #50 in blonde

Ohmai antique bee post earring

Dead Apples Doll lips in peach

Crash Republic Melanie eyes in light blue


One thought on “The Two of Us

  1. Yay! What a lovely and impassioned post about Fade. I will put up my photo and link in a few hours when it’s morning… Thank you so much for collaborating! ❤

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