Just Because

I was of two minds whether to do this post or not. I have moved house, but will have no ‘net for at least another week. I am visiting a friend at the moment, so I thought I would browse the IHeartSL feed , and I came across this article: The Blog Feeds Skimming Game . I do not know the author, but the writer does make some valid points. I myself rarely write much text, mainly because I choose not to use my blog to share my opinions and thoughts – mostly because I can see no reason why anyone would care to know them. šŸ™‚ The writer has however, kindly made reference to my blog, so now I know there is at least someone who looks at it!

Just Because

These dresses are from Just Because. The creator, Annie Melson, has made a gradual and gentle move from flex/sculpts to the world of mesh. I like the results.

Just Because

I am wearing Swift hair by Truth with these dresses. To me, the hair suits the Sunday afternoon style very well, which was the day I took these snaps.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. I truly am a beginner at using photoshop, and I have a really ancient version which is probably around 10 years old. I play with effects until I arrive at something I like. I don’t aim to impress, just to do my best to show off some of the marvelous creations I come across. I love doing this, and if this encourages one person to venture on a shopping expedition, then I am happy with that result.

Happy Shopping!


Dresses from Just Because

Swift hair by Truth

My beautiful skin is from Ugly Duck

My bee post earrings I got last year at an event, and are made by the delightfully whimsical creator, Anya Ohmai. Her creations always make me smile šŸ™‚ These earrings are the perfect standby, for when I haven’t a clue what earrings to wear!


One thought on “Just Because

  1. So I’m totally drooling over the bee earrings butttt thank you for sharing the link to the Blog Feeds Skimming game. This is something I play too haha. I’ve always thought there is a place and purpose for fashion blogs with little to no texts at least for me, and then there’s a place for the ones that jabber on like mine. I love your styling and in the end, us stalkers follow who we like to follow yah? ā¤

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