Because I Like Them

I’ve loved both Dura Hair and Cold Logic for a very long time, so I was really happy when two new items went so well together from these deigners.

Because I Like Them

The Finn dress from Cold Logic is dottiness bliss! Combined with the pink option and I could not go past it

Because I Like Them

The Floss was my 2nd best favourite, but still yummy just the same

Because I Like Them

My new hair is from Dura, and it is a bit different this release. I actually quite love it and it makes me look a little like Miranda what’s her name, that recently separated in RL from the guy that played the elf in LOTR. what do you think?

Because I Like Them

And the pale version is just so romantic, it goes with the dress perfectly

Happy Shopping!


Dresses from Cold Logic

Hair – Dura-Girl #51 from DURA

Skin – Nana I in platinum and brown from Ugly Duck


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