Molichino is Closing (Temporarily)

I received a notecard from Aurelia Chauveau, MOLiCHiNO Owner & Designer. She says…

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I notify the closure of MOLiCHiNO store in-world. I want to stress this is a temporary closure, and that MOLiCHiNO will return in several months time. The reason I need to close the in-world shop is because my mother is sick with a rare cancer and I am the sole carer for her in this time. With all the stress and responsibilities, I have to take time out of running an in-world store.I wont be gone from SL, I’ll still be hovering around, still designing when I can, just not taking on the additional stresses of running a store.

The in-world store will close on the 25th of November. I have reduced ALL items in the store to L$100 or less. These products will come back when I re-open MOLiCHiNO (future date yet to be determined) however, this is the only time they will be at such a low price. MOLiCHiNO will remain on the marketplace with whatever items are already there.

So here is a sampling of what you can find..

Molichino is Closing (Temporarily)

Halter top and skirt available as separates

Molichino is Closing (Temporarily)

Tops, shorts and skirts

Molichino is Closing (Temporarily)

An outfit for any occasion!

I also wanted to take the time to say thank you to all my customers that have made MOLiCHiNO into the brand it is today. Thank you so much for your support. I hope to return with even more great designs in the future.

So for some amazing bargains, get ye to the Molichino store

Happy Shopping!


Clothing by Molichino

Hair by Monso

Skin by Ugly Duck


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