The Hair Saga

Today, I will break my usual rules and WRITE SOMETHING.

The Hair Saga

A few days ago I received a notice from a creator about an event, with photographs of items available at that event. On offer, was hair from Wasabi Pills and I thought to myself ” I want that”. so off I went using the landmark included in the notice.

Now, that landmark took me to ground level of the event creator’s sim. I saw no event – in fact I landed in the middle of some old gacha. No event. no hair. I rechecked the landmark, which told me it was actually located at over 3,000 metres. Hmm, a no fly sim. How to get there? There must be a teleport on the ground. No, no teleport in sight. I roamed the sim, through stores, across lumpy snow, in vain.

I ran off to work after this, but on my return that evening, I tried again. I would not be defeated by a landmark!! I found another landmark on an SL event website, and off I went. To my frustration, I landed this time in the same sim, in a blur of unrezzing mesh lumps. no hair. Repeated tries just left me cross so I gave up.

This evening on my return from work yet again, I received another notecard, this time from the creator of the hair! Eureka! This must be the correct landmark I thought, it’s from the maker of the hair. so off I went. I arrived at the hair store this time – Wasabi Pills. There was the hair I so desperately sought, but wait….fine print indicated I would find this hair at something called The Golden Thread.

With an awful feeling of foreboding, I teleported with the landmark on the hair board at Wasabi Pills. This MUST be correct I thought, this creator must want to sell her hair surely?
On arrival, I was confronted with a banner for the Peace On Earth hunt, which I can tell you was the last thing I was feeling at this particular moment in time. Again I look around as the unrezzed mesh slowly pops out into things vaguely recognisable.

No hair. No event that I can see. I look around and see a yellow squiggly thing a few metres in the air. I cam over – perhaps this is golden thread and the event where I will find the elusive hair? It appears to be full of ‘art’ from various people. No hair. By now I am beyond frustrated.

The Hair Saga

I return to Wasabi Pills, and purchase another new release, Casey, shown above. It is good hair and I like it, and know I will wear it for quite a while. I am a long time fan of Wasabi Pills.

I realise now that I will never find any golden thread, I will never see the hair that I so badly wanted, and the whole experience of chasing a product has left me feeling somewhat soured. I could wait until the ‘event’ hair arrives for sale in the store, at the conclusion of the event. But I know deep down, that by that time I will be dazzled by something else and all thought of the ‘hair that never was’ will be but a distant memory….


DMD Lilly Babydoll jacket, available at RMK Gothic

Jeans from Shai

Casey hair from Wasabi Pills

Skin from Ugly Duck


2 thoughts on “The Hair Saga

  1. I was able to get the hair ‘Mia’ that you are describing. At the Miamai location where you were transported to, there is a ramp leading into the ground, with golden arrows pointing the way. Once down below, I turned left, then left again and at the back wall was all the offerings from the participants of that Golden Thread event. I too… HAD… to have that hair.

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