More Gifties!

My ensemble today comes from gifts.

More Gifties!

My dress and shoes were a gift that I could choose, so I will tell you how to do the same yourself.

More Gifties!

This dress is from Leri Miles Designs. Normally there is a 200L joining fee to become a VIP member and able to access the Advent Calendar of gifts, however yesterday’s gift was a 25L joining fee. some of the gifts have a price attached. Today’s gift is a 500L gift voucher to spend as you please, so I purchased the Lilly Dress in Storm

More Gifties!

My beautiful baby pink shoes are from GOS Boutique. The group gift is a 500L gift credit, which I then spent on these shoes. The very special thing about GOS shoes is the perfect match skin HUD – mine is an uncommon skin so I am guaranteed a perfect match every time!

More Gifties!

A closer view of the dress detail. My hair (not a gift) is Girl 51 from DURA and completes my look for the day perfectly 🙂

Happy Shopping!


Lilly Dress in Storm from Leri Miles Designs

GOS Boutique


My skin is from Ugly Duck


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