Separates Are Your Friend

All sorts of Boxing Day/post Boxing Day sales are going on across the Grid at the moment. Also, lots of things I haven’t seen before, so this post is a mish mash of separate pieces!

Separates Are Your Friend

these two pieces are both by Tres Blah, at two separate events. Not sure if they are kept in the store afterwards, but worthwhile having a look to see

Separates Are Your Friend

These two pieces are available separately from Vive09/Ryvolter – lots of colours and patterns to choose from

Separates Are Your Friend

This is a relatively new mix and match couple of pieces, from Coco

Separates Are Your Friend

This jacket is new from Coco. I’ve paired it with jeans from Shai, and a system tshirt also from Coco. By the way, Coco is having a sale on all sculpted items, reduced to 0L! Its a perfect place to pick up some excellent quality system shirts

Separates Are Your Friend

And, just to show you how well this mesh jacket moves..

Separates Are Your Friend

Lastly, a photograph of this Candy luscious hair – its a bit old now, released by Truth a few months back, but some of the loveliest long hair waves you will find.

Happy Shopping!


Coco Designs



Truth Hair

Tres Blah

And my skin is from Ugly Duck


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