But, What Do The Stats Really Mean??

It’s weekend, so on waking this morning, I revved up my desktop and had a look at what had happened in my various presences online, overnight. The usual blah, hiccup, mock outrage etc.

Until this caught my eye:



The last time I had high daily stats was a few months ago, peaking at 5,872. This was because one photograph was on the Flickr front page and had many views from non-SL people.

But this is not the case this time. After reading the Flickr Help Forum, it transpires that there is a bug on the views counter – but it has the opposite effect to what I am having, in that it reduces the number of views after each refresh. So thats not it. Or perhaps it is.

If anyone out there is SL blogsphere has the same issue – stats rocketing to inexplicable stratospheric levels – please let me know!


2 thoughts on “But, What Do The Stats Really Mean??

  1. I embed my Flickr photos onto my blog but recently the way they display on a page changed to an embedded Flickr window instead of just a link to the photo on their server. My Flickr views immediately jumped high. My theory is that every time someone views one of the Fashion Feeds I am on, those views get counted. (They didn’t get counted before.) What do you think of my theory?

    • I noticed a slight rise in my stats a little while back – but in my case that’s not why. Try as I might, I cannot get embedding to work, so I only use copy/paste of HTML code because this is all I can get to work for me. Also, Flickr has a bug at the moment that means Medium 800 size does not work. A bit annoying because I then have to do manual adjustment.

      This doesn’t explain though the almighty jump in my stats for one day only to 11,000 +. I’ve been reading the Flickr forums and can’t see this problem elsewhere.

      I remember reading a discussion a while ago that suggested Flickr had changed the data gathering ( or something) which had an effect on stats.

      Despite all this (my ramblings lol) I think there is merit in the idea you have put forward. Maybe a combination of factors? I’ll try further investigation 🙂

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