One for Shai (It’s Easy Being Green)

I was talking to my friend Puma today, and the conversation drifted around to new designs, new work from designers etc. Of course, the subject of Shai Delacroix and her store came up, not least because she is one of the rare creators who have not only lasted the distance, but also switched to mesh design successfully. She has in recent months, released some really comfy looking casual pieces:

One for Shai

This is one of my favourite outfits, because it enticed me to get out of my standard pink and pale dresses and tops. I especially love the dottiness! The two pieces are available separately, in quite a good range of colours which then allows you to either coordinate or clash – which is what I usually do! Just not this time.

One for Shai

This snug turtleneck is great to dress up or down. It looks so real I could almost touch it! Again, available in rather a huge range of colours, so I’m sure there’s something to your taste

One for Shai

Lastly, I love these little ballet flats. I chose the whimsical hearts design, but you can find variety from which to choose. I really like the fact that the shoes are made to accommodate system feet and also Slink flat feet, as not everyone enjoys add on feet, and Shai has allowed for that.

Well that’s all – except that I am aware that Shai has a dress for sale at the next round of Kustom9 which is due to start any tick of the clock! It’s a pretty funky dress, perfect for accessorising, and well worth a visit to Kustom9 to see!

Happy Shopping!


Where noted, available from Shai



My skin is from Ugly Duck


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