Do You REALLY Want Me to Shop at Your Event?

Dear Event Coordinator,

While browsing the Seraphim website I found the FROST event gallery . One particular item caught my eye so I thought I would spend a leisurely 15 minutes or so while I had my morning coffee, indulging in a spot of shopping.

I arrived at the Frost Event, which I had actually popped into quickly back in December when it opened. Fortunately that earlier time, I spotted what I wanted right at the TP point. Not so fortunate this time, however.

I particularly wanted to get the Lapointe & BastChild Designs knee socks, which I knew would go with a blog post I have been planning. So off I went, duly arrived, and looked for the teleport board. Where was it? With 168 stores, surely there would be an easier way to shop? I tried in vain to find a TP board, a map – anything to help guide me through this mass of store booths.


Once upon a time, not that long ago, a TP board was pretty much standard fare for any major event. Or a Map. This was often handed out with an info pack on arrival, to ensure that shoppers actually ENJOYED their time at the event, and might even return. Not so this event.

What to do? Aimlessly, I wandered up and down streets, searching for the elusive store and socks. Laglaglaglaglag. A crash or two. Where, oh where were these socks? Where was the Lapointe & BastChild Designs booth?

I did an entire circuit of the event just once and did not find the store booth that I wanted. Now, I understand the logic in not supplying either a TP facility or a map – if you did this, then some potential customers would go directly to the store for which they were searching, and bypass others. We can’t have this – we must ensure that all shoppers go through the tortuous experience of a fruitless search. It may pay you to consider your customers though – the buyers of products – when you set up your next event. Because I for one will avoid these style of events.

The result of my trip to FROST were:

1. No purchase of socks – creator misses out on sale

2. No purchase of socks – creator misses out on possible future sales

3. Cranky customer who will avoid this event in the future

4. Cranky customer who writes a cranky blog post

I hope you will take this into consideration for your eventing future, but I really have serious doubts on that score.


A Cross Could-Have-Been Customer.

And for readers of this post, here is a lovely serene scene where I relax and forget about things that make me cross.

No, It's Not OK


6 thoughts on “Do You REALLY Want Me to Shop at Your Event?

  1. I soooo cringe when an event doesn’t have easier access to their many shops. These days I give up pretty quickly and go home without intended purchases because I just don’t have the time to check each and every vendor/storefront/street… and even if I did, odds are good I’m going to miss it anyway along the way, lol. Very frustrating and if I know ahead of time that it’s going to be a “hunt and peck” kind of event I don’t even go – no matter how much I like the items I’ve seen on the blogs.

  2. You touched on an excellent gripe and it’s even worse when an event encompasses more than 1 sim. I think we’ve gone hog wild on events in the first place. Anyway, I use the Area Search feature in Firestorm to find what I’m looking for. 9 times out of 10 I can find the item quickly so I can get in and out in a flash.

  3. I use Area Search if I definitely, absolutely need to get an item. But I agree with you. Most times if I see a layout that sprawls all over the place, I just wouldn’t bother. I like it when an event lets you TP anywhere on the sim so you can save your friends/readers the hassle of hunting items down. If huge events insist on a set landing point? Then I’m out of there. 😦

  4. If you use the Firestorm viewer (not sure if this feature is available in other viewers), you can use area search in the World tab to find things. I use it constantly. If I go to an event, I can type in the name of the store, the creator, or the item, and Firestorm will give me a list of items. When I click on an item in the list, I get a beacon to that item. It’s invaluable for shopping.

  5. One other trick for large venues – in Firestorm (again, I’m not familiar with other viewers), you can set up in preferences the ability to tp anywhere on a sim with a double click on a spot. So I will cam until I find a place I want to go, double click, and I’m there – no walking around lagging out.

  6. Okay I wasn’t the only person frustrated with the Frost event. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice event, but frustrating to walk. I was soooo lost on that sim. I ended up flying to get to my stores.

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