A New Chapter

A new round of Chapter 4 has begun, with an exciting range of creations for you!

A New Chapter

I love this dress from Cashmere & Keane – you can buy it and choose from a small range of colours – I chose the most colourful! My hair is from Epoque

A New Chapter

These dresses are in the ‘two-for-one’ section, from Zenith. My hair is from INK

A New Chapter

This stunning bag, which EVERYONE will get, is from the Gacha section and is from Zenith also

A New Chapter

These beautiful jackets are also in the ‘two-for-one’ section and are from LPD. My cute hat is from Toro. My skirt is by Cracked Mirror which I purchased at the latest round of FAMESHED

A New Chapter

Hair on the left is from Epoque, and comes with a HUD. I’m also wearing my too cute bear headband from Lulu.bear. Hair on the right is from INK

A New Chapter

And lastly, my top is from C’est la vie and my hair is from Truth

Happy Shopping!


As noted, available from Chapter Four

Items where noted from FAMESHED

My skin is from Ugly Duck


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