Why Gacha?

The concept of Gacha is not new in Secondlife; from my knowledge it has been around for at least 5 years in various forms. However in the last 12 months it has gazelled into our vision with multiple events staggered across months.

Why is it so popular? I think, we all love to have some risk in our lives, even if it is just a tiny bit. So we play Gachas, knowing the odds are against us winning the ‘rare’ item. When we do win a rare, we think how clever we are, how fortuitous, how fateful that just at that moment our own money purchased the item when the odds (and Gods) were in our favour.

So of I went to Oh My Gacha, and won (we never say gambled) various items that I have blogged already. I came across the Sakide machine and bliss! I won the rare item, which was a fatpack of a snowflake jerseys, complete with hud!

Why Gacha?

This is a beautifully made texture. The set comes with the ear muffs as well. I’m also wearing my ‘go-to’ pants from Fanatik, which I always wear when I want a sleek and uncluttered look

Why Gacha?

some of the other colours available in my rare ‘fatpack’ prize

Why Gacha?

I’m also wearing new hair from Taketomi, the Yonce.

Happy Shopping!


Oh My Gacha



Skin – this is a custom skin and not available for sale (thank you honeybun Fade!)

Poses from !Bang


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