I Stumbled..

Over the weekend, in between running around with family concerns, I delved into my fearfully exploding inventory to see what I could delete, what I had ignored at the height of a shopping frenzy, and what I may discover. I stumbled across Villena, which had been sitting quietly in my inventory, awaiting such a day as this!

I Stumbled..

I rather love this Patchwork shirt, so casual and comfy. I’m wearing leggings from *La Penderie de Nicole* because they also have a comfy look.

I Stumbled..

Because it is STINKING HOT where I live, I thought this delightful sundress would make me happier. It did! I especially like the detail in the string ties. This is the Flower Dress in mint

I Stumbled..

This is the Skater Skirt Dress, and comes with a nifty Hud to allow you to choose the colour of the dress bodice. The skirt textures are quite sensational

I Stumbled..

Now if you love the skirt, but don’t want the dress option – you can buy the skirt alone. Lovely range of metallic textures. I’ve added the Pointed Collar top because well, I like it.

I Stumbled..

In these photos I’m wearing new hair from Truth, which is just scrumptious! This is the Gaia hair. In most of these photos I’m also wearing a fab little necklace from MiWardrobe, the Tropicalia necklace

Happy Shopping!




Truth Hair

*La Penderie de Nicole*

Skin from Ugly Duck


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