Poor, poor pitiful me

How pathetic am I!

I logged into things this afternoon on my return home from work, travelling through 40 degree Celsius heat – that’s 104 F in old money. So, I was hot and sweaty and cross. Switch on aircon, ahh the cool rush is soothing.

PC is booted up, log into SL at home, and…? where am I? This is not home, this is a grey sludgy volcano. Have I tped elsewhere and forgotten? Has SL not rezzed correctly? I relog.

To no avail. It now dawns on me: the sim owner mentioned to me before Christmas that he was getting rid of his land, did I want to rent it? No thank you, but let me know how things go and when I shall have to pack up. He didn’t let me know. Well, he did in a confrontational way- he returned all my stuff and built an ugly volcano. I guess that is a gigantic hint.

So, where does this leave me? I need to find some land to rent, although I can’t really do this until the weekend. Therefore, no point in trying to take pretty pictures from a linden sand box! It will have to await my land renting in a few days.

Meanwhile, have a nice photo. I can’t remember where I got this, so my sincere apologies to the creator. Please feel free to comment with details if you know!

Poor, poor pitiful me

Thank you for reading this really silly rant; it has been quite cathartic šŸ™‚


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