Here There Be Dragons

Todays post is about dragons.

Here There Be Dragons

These spectacular dragon epaulettes from ieQED will inspire fear in any enemy you encounter on your dragon slaying spree! No need for St George, magical swords, fragile spells or an army of devotees. Just pop these on, and dragons will run away, tail between the legs!

Here There Be Dragons

To boost your self confidence during your dragon slaying expedition, you just can’t go past this sleek number from R2 at Collabor88 this month. No nonsense styling is definitely the way to go for this kind of foray

Here There Be Dragons

A little venting of the dress never hurt anyone. This very practical back view of the dress is assuredly the best way to prevent over heating, especially as I’ve been told that dragon breath can be quite hot!

Happy Shopping!


Dragon pauldron in platinum from ieQED

Uruwa dress from R2 at at this month’s Collabor88

Hair by Monso

Skin from Ugly Duck


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