The Theme Park

A new event has begun, ‘Theme Park’, which runs along quite merrily until mid February, but don’t leave it that long to pop along, sometimes you just NEED to shop! Also, I think as a community, it is our obligation to give out patronage to new events as they arise; event organisers, creators, photographers and indeed shoppers, put a huge amount of work into any event 🙂

Theme Park

for example, you could pick up this perfectly crafted classic dress from Coquet – it comes in a number of colours, but I have a thing for red..

Theme Park

A closer view of the front detailing

Theme Park

you will also find these yummy puffball shoes from ieQED. Also available in the three colours shown above, and are materials ready. You must wear these with Slink medium feet, using the alpha and shoe base that comes with your feet pack

Happy Shopping!


PUff Mule from ieQED at The Theme Park

Vintage Romance Dress from Coquet at The Theme Park

Skin from Ugly Duck


2 thoughts on “The Theme Park

    • No unfortunately they do not, not to my knowledge at least. I know Fade has been very busy RL. Hopefully some time she will be able to make appliers

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