Get Yourself Fashionably Dead

Toast Bard, creator and owner of Fashionably Dead, has a brand new mix n match range released just this week. The pieces are superb, and designed to easily swap over to create a whole new look. Each piece is available in a coordinating range of colours.

Get Yourself Fashionably Dead

This is the Romper, which comes in three parts per pack – Shirt, Shorts and Belt

Get Yourself Fashionably Dead

This is the Little Pea Coat with Leather A-Line Skirt

Get Yourself Fashionably Dead

I first noticed this hair on Sash Arabello’s blog earlier today, and although I don’t have a clue who Elsa is, the hair is beautifully crafted, and from Catwa

Get Yourself Fashionably Dead

My shoes are a new release from L.Warwick – I love the stripeyness of them, and the texturing that looks so real you can almost touch it. These shoes are in all original mesh created by Lindsey Warwick herself, along with the textures. The design in materials ready! These shoes come in a really wide range of colours

Happy Shopping!


Clothing as noted from Fashionably Dead

Elsa hair from Catwa

Aurora shoes by L.Warwick

Skin from Ugly Duck


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