Lindsey Makes Shoes

I have known Lindsey for some years now, and I’ve seen her progress from pottering around with sculpts through to fully fledged mesh maker. It has certainly been an interesting journey from my perspective, and it is really pleasing to see her line of shoes

Lindsey Makes Shoes

A few weeks ago she produced these. Its a really good colour range, with some unusual ones to go with those unusually textured clothes. Always good to coordinate with, too

Lindsey Makes Shoes

Then she made these – an assortment of wild stripes in different colour combos. I love these, as they show a very different attitude in your ensemble.

Lindsey Makes Shoes

After the stripes, she said to me “What shall I make next?” And I gave the obvious answer: “Pastels of course” and thus the pastel shoes came into being. Beautiful colours like Duck egg, baby blue, baby pink, lavender, lemon, peach, pea, raspberry and more. You can see bigger photos with more detail on my flickr page by clicking the photos here

Lindsey makes all her own mesh items, so these are not from any form templates. They are quite lovely to wear too, though remember they are made for Slink Medium feet. I know she has some more ideas in the pipeline, so this is definitely a designer and store to keep a watch on!

Happy Shopping


L.Warwick for Handmade shoes


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