Gato is one of those labels that have been around for some time, and the creator/owner, Lalu Bonetto, has managed to keep apace of changing demands in world, and creates mesh.


I was at the Chinese New Year festival last week, and managed to acquire these two balloon tops in the Gato Gacha


This little dress, the Lara dress, consists of system pieces and a well made and well placed mesh piece for the skirt. I think I do prefer this for slim fitting pieces, because not only does it do away with the need for alpha layers, it gives more form to the style of the dress


I’m really fond of this top, because like so much of Gato gear, the textures are brilliant and colourful. I’ve added a shoulder bag from the Moon gacha at The Chapter Four, and a little neck scarf from Enfant Terrible

Happy Shopping!


Where noted, from Gato

Moon Bag from Gacha at The Chapter Four

Scarf from Enfant Terrible

Dotted jeans in green in Photo #3 from *Shai*

Hair from Tram

Muse skin from Atomic

Poses from Olive Juice


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