Fitted Mesh Arrives!

With the release of the latest official viewer, Fitted Mesh has arrived! This means that you won’t need multiple sizes of each garment (if you have a fairly standard shape) and it is a particular boon to small breasted/normal hipped avatar like mine

Fitted Mesh Arrives!

These dresses from Doc Eldritch of DE Designs are the High Waist dresses available in both leather and linen finishes. You can see from this photo the distinct shape of my avatar, rather than the bulk of normal mesh

Fitted Mesh Arrives!

This is to give you a closer view of the texturing of the fabric – although delicate it is extremely realistic. I’m impressed.

Fitted Mesh Arrives!

Linen and Leather side by side. I’m ridiculously happy about this, and a couple of things to note:

– the rigging is important
– this Fitted Mesh can only be viewed correctly by others (as well as yourself) by people using the latest official viewer, or a viewer that supports Fitted Mesh

Fitted Mesh Arrives!

and to finish off my outfit, new shoes from L.Warwick, the Savannah in red – a perfect coordination I think 🙂

Happy Shopping!


Dresses as noted from DE Designs

Jewellery shown is from Maxi Gossamer

Savannah shoes from L.Warwick

Muse skin from Atomic

Sanae hair from Taketomi


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