Welcome to Ebbe Altberg, new CEO of Linden Lab

So we have a new CEO of Linden Lab, and thus a new “Man in Charge” of Secondlife.

Jo Yardley has written a thought provoking post here which of course asks a lot more questions that provides answers, but that is a good thing.

I’m impressed that Ebbe has engaged so early with Secondlife residents. I don’t follow him on Twitter (as yet) but I hear there is comment there too. Considering the work that being CEO entails, I can only be impressed also that he finds the time to participate in a myriad of social media forums.

In my mind, the reason the first CEO (Philip Rosedale) was so successful was not only that Secondlife was his ‘baby’, but that he truly loved this incredible virtual world and all its foibles. If Ebbe can find it in himself to at least feel some sort of kinship with the environment, it will bode well.

My wish list for the new CEO? Here we go:

– a re-invigoration of the Arts including but not limited to theatre, music, interactive creations, 3D creative modelling

– encouraging real world 3D artists and creators to develop within Secondlife

– encouraging real world icons to visit Secondlife: a few years ago, Yoko Ono visited Secondlife to open her display. There have been quite a number of Science Fiction real world authors visit to discuss aspects of their writing, but this has sadly faded away

– stop mimicking the worst aspects of social media, and go back to setting the standard

– lead the way in which people interact in a virtual world with innovative engineering and imaginative ideas

– a revamp of the costing model

– imagine what could be, and make it so

I know there are many more issues like tier fees, ToS issues and rampant copybotting to be worked up about, but I think these will or will not be dealt with and whatever the outcome, will never satisfy everyone. Not to trivialise, but these are issues in the weeds, and I prefer to look at a slightly bigger picture.

So welcome Ebbe, and here is a pretty photo. Taken in a long gone sim, may it be a door to the future paths of Secondlife!

The Door to the Past 1


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