Doc Eldritch of DE Designs seems to be one of the few designers who are moving into Fitted Mesh. I heard tonight that it is broken and unwearable, however I have had no problems whatsoever. Perhaps it is the TPVs that are breaking it? I use the official viewer, so who knows…


so on to business – DE Designs has released another dress with two varieties from which to choose. This is the colour block, and some of the colours available


and this is the lace and floral variety, with some of the colours. I am wearing the Fitted Mesh version, although the dress comes with standard mesh in standard sizes also


I thought I’d go dark haired for a while, and I think I like the look. This is the rather smashing hair released recently from Dura, and my favourite Muse skin from Atomic. My lippy is from Black Liquid

Happy Shopping!


Caroun dress from DE Designs

Dura Girl #51 from Dura Hair

Muse skin from Atomic

Vixen gloss lips by Blackliquid

Poses by oOo Studio


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