Vali by Miamai

Vali Myers (2 August 1930 – 12 February 2003) was an Australian visionary artist, dancer, bohemian and muse of the 50s and 60s in Europe and the US.

She was a flamboyant artist who worked in pen and ink and watercolour as well as being a dancer. She divided her life between her adopted home of Melbourne, the Hotel Chelsea in New York City, Paris, and a 14th-century cottage in her valley near Il Porto (Positano), Italy. You can see quite a collection of photographs of her and her work here , and read more about her here

Vali by Miamai

Monica Outlander, creator of Miamai, says “This outfit is inspired by one of my biggest art (and life) heroes, Vali Myers, a style icon for the bohemians of her time. ”

Vali by Miamai

This outfit gives a hint of the rebelious and creative nature of Vali Myers. If you view her work, you will also see much of her style today in modern design. Quite possibly, many people who mimic her work do not even realise they are doing so

Vali by Miamai

Rather than imitate the look of Vali Myers, with wild long red hair – I have used a short bob that is new from Dura

Vali by Miamai

And my coordinating shoes are new from, Sarah Sandals, available at The Seasons Story

Happy Shopping!


Vali outfit available as separate pieces from Miamai

Boys & Girls #51 hair new from Dura

Sarah Sandals in mint, from at The Seasons Story

Ming skin in milk from The Skinnery

Poses by Poppycock


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