Monochromatic Fair

This past weekend saw the opening of the Monochromatic Fair. This is a great event to attend for a number of reasons:

– it is a top quality build, hence no lag issues with 8 year old textures and primmy buildings

– it is laid out in street style, with Street names!

– maps are available to guide you

– stores are not packed to overflowing with primmed up vendors

Remember though, to keep your draw distance down and reduce your graphics preferences to reduce the chance of crashing.

A job well done by the Event Coordinators!

Monochromatic Fair

You will find these little kiosks scattered across the Fair. Make sure you click to get the info, as it will make your time there much better

Monochromatic Fair

Streets are well sign posted to guide you

Anyway, on with the show..

Monochromatic Fair

I found this rather fab jacket and pants in a gacha machine at the shine by [ZD] store – 69L per piece! Definitely a winner

Monochromatic Fair

The Navy Vintage Blouse dress come from Gawk, and you can find it in a small range of colours

Monochromatic Fair

This scrumptious dress is from Finesmith

Monochromatic Fair

This pair of pink dresses are the Flora dress from Legal Insanity on the left, and the Marion dress from Jesydream on the right

Monochromatic Fair

The Heydra dress from D-Style

So pop along to the Monochromatic Fair, I’m sure you will have a relaxed and enjoyable time!

Other Credits

The Monochromatic Fair

New hair, style F8 from Liquence

Poses by Ilaya at the Pose Fair 2014

Ming skin in milk from The Skinnery


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