This week has been horrendous with my pc. Constant crashing partially through boot up, endless frustration.

Until I entered The Zone. Came home from work yesterday and approached the problem as a puzzle, which I particularly enjoy. Stripped the machine down, cleaned out dust and other accumulated junk, put it back together, and voila! Serenity is mine šŸ˜€

So, on with the photos – I have quite a backlog now so I will post quite a bit this weekend…


Such a delicate dress from Zaara, the Aamani Wrap dress


I liked it so much I bought two. This is a very easy to wear dress for the upcoming Northern Summer


I am wearing with this dress, a new release from Argrace, the Shiori hair with detatchable side strands


The details on this hair make it quite exquisite and very feminine

Happy Shopping!


Aamani Wrap dress from Zaara

Shiori hair from Argrace

Muse skin by Atomic

Poses from Poppycock


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