The Men’s Department

As you probably know, The Men’s Department has relocated to a new Sim, with lots of stores specialising in male attire. These are showcased in The Men’s Department this month, and seeing as today is a perfect day for shopping..

The Men's Department

Lee Baseball Tee from XIAJ

The Men's Department

Sweatshirt from BLANKLINE

The Men's Department

Marlon T Shirt from DEADWOOL

The Men's Department

Pocket Cardigan and Shirt from AMITOMO – this is also available in a female version

The Men's Department

Ray Casual shirt and shorts as Separates from HOWL

Happy Shopping!


All clothing as noted is available from the current edition of The Mens Department

Skin by Hermony at The Mens Department

Ace Shades from ieQED at The Mens Department

light brown hair – TOTES brown hair from INK – at The Mens Department

Dark brown hair from DURA


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