My Choice of Events

It is that ‘time of the month’ when many events cycle through onto their next round. It also happens, that this month sees the next cycle of Arcade. I will not be going.

I will be going to Fameshed

I will be going to Fit for a Princess (in fact, I have been, and my photos below are some things you can find there!)

I will be going to TDR Fusion

I will be going to The Men’s Department

I will be going to Collabor88

I will be going to Summerfest (no link yet)

I will be going to The Chapter Four (no link, sorry!)

I will be going to the Liaison Collaborative

I will be going to Wanderlust, the Relay For Life fundraiser

I will be going to a multitude of smaller and larger events as they arise. I go to these for a number of reasons: they are fun, they are reasonably priced, I can see what I am purchasing, I can budget for these events, I can shop in comfort without crashing, I can SEE the items and build quite easily, I will not feel as if I have been hammered to attend and spend, I will be assisting creators in making a sale on something I know they have spent much time creating.

I will not be attending Arcade. I will not go because: if I ever manage to teleport there, it will take some time for the build to rez in, meanwhile I will crash multiple times, I can only see a photo of what I MAY be purchasing, if I don’t get what I want, I must pay and pay and pay with the risk I still will not be able to purchase the item I want, I cannot shop in comfort, and it will not be fun. I’m not especially fussed on buying trinkets that I have seen in a RL magazine somewhere; I know that a few designers do actually create originals for Arcade, but not many. I am aware that many creators DO put their blood, sweat and tears into copying RL items into mesh, but this is not for me.

I know this appeals to many people, otherwise there would not be such a crush to get there. I wish them a fun experience and hope they gain pleasure from the many lindens spent there 🙂 But, it is not for me. And I know I am not alone in this point of view. I may go along to a yard sale or two, and purchase one or two items if they are appealing!

Anyway, I went to Fit for a Princess today, and found this rather lovely dress from Moon Amore:

My Choice of Events

The Cityscape dress is such a sweet dress, beautifully textured and fits very well

My Choice of Events

The HUD gives you a rather good range of colours from which to choose, including these paler colours

My Choice of Events

And these much more vibrant ones. you choose your mood!

My Choice of Events

My hair is the Estelle design from Calico. Calico has been a hair creator in this virtual world for quite some years now, and still produces some of the most beautiful hair on the grid!

So, there ends my rant, and happy shopping!


Items as noted are available from Fit For A Princess

My skin is Quiana from The Skinnery


3 thoughts on “My Choice of Events

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  2. I am NO ONE.
    And I completely agree with your thoughts, very few originals–why should I give the money away?
    If this continues, I will stop shopping at those stores that display at Arcade.

    Anyone with me?

    • Indeed you are someone, and your opinions are just as legitimate as anyone else. You are just as important as anyone else in Secondlife 🙂

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