Being Amiable

This is probably the last post I do for a while of shopping excursions – from the weekend onwards I will be blogging both The Men’s Department and Fashion For Life! So, on with the goodies…

Being Amiable

I bought this dress, and the next one, quite some time ago, and there they stayed in my inventory. Very sweet dresses, lovely textures, and a glorious swingy skirt to it. This is the Tutu dress

Being Amiable

I thought it was so pretty, I got a second one! I am also wearing hair from Eaters Coma, which I think suits this dress admirably

Being Amiable

This is a new blouse from Amiable, the Off Shoulder Stripe Shirt

Being Amiable

Each pack comes with two versions, shown here. I am also wearing the darling new pixie style from Dura Hair

…and, because this store is on a sim called Train Train, I have been listening to a song by Japanese band The Blue Hearts called..”Train Train”. It is old now but I still love it 😀

Happy Shopping!


Items as described from Amiable</a

Hair from Eaters Coma

My skin is Quiana from The Skinnery

Dura-girl #54 from Dura Hair


One thought on “Being Amiable

  1. Hi, this is nodoka. I am the owner of {amiable}. I read your blog. Yes!! Train train. This song is so famous. I hope you like it too. Anyway, thank you for coming my shop and buying my clothes. I just wanted to say thank you to you. Your pic and blog are also nice!! I am so glad to read it.

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