A Good Roleplay with ieQED

ieQED produces accessories with which to enliven your roleplay. I don’t take RP seriously, as many do. I see it though, as a great opportunity to play dress ups in sometimes unrealistic and gravity defying costume, as only a virtual world will permit.


This rather glorious dress, the Ornate Dress from Pixicat is transformed from a pretty princess into a Warrior by the simple addition of ieQED’s Stag Pauldrons. Both are available at we ❤ Roleplay


Carefully crafted, these pauldrons are available in a range of different metals finishes. These are available at we ❤ Roleplay


Available now (until midnight of 15 June 2014) for ieQED group members. 2 colors for 299! These shoes are for the Slink High Foot.

More information about #24299 can be found here


Ornate dress from Pixicat at We ❤ Roleplay

Stag Pauldrons from ieQED at We ❤ Roleplay

Special Offer shoes #24299 at ieQED

Hair by Argrace

My skin is Quiana from The Skinnery


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