Weekend Shopping Trips

I’ve been doing a weekend shopping post for a while now. So much so, that it’s almost a common occurrence, so I will try to continue 🙂

Weekend Shopping Trips

This simple little summer frock is from 7th Store, and is a bargain buy. I’m also wearing a necklace from Yummy, and my specs are from Amala

Weekend Shopping Trips

Both these dresses are from Vitrimi – the Jacket dress on the left and the Shirt dress on the right. My lovely three headed puppy is from Geek, at the Totally Top Shelf Event

Weekend Shopping Trips

My blouse is from Chronokit. My hair is from Tram

Weekend Shopping Trips

New release from DE Designs! The Aubrey skirts and tops are delightful and feminine summer wear, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content!

Weekend Shopping Trips

Bargain buy from B!asta, for a limited time until Wednesday, and only 50L! My hair is from Wasabi Pills

Happy Shopping!


7th Store

DE Designs




Geek at Totally Top Shelf Event


Wasabi Pills



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